What are activity points and tipster coins, and how much are they worth when converted to euros?

- Users receive activity points as a reward for regularly using our site. The value of one activity point is X euros. 

- Tipster coins can also be earned through regular use of our site. Additionally, every activity point earned can be converted into tipster coins. The value of one tipster coin is X euros.

What can I use my activity points and tipster coins for?

- Activity points can be redeemed in the store for various casino and sports betting balances, as well as for lottery tickets and discount codes. 

- With tipster coins, you can place free bets on matches in the tip competition and increase your balance. The balance you earn this way can be converted back into activity points and used in the store.

How can I earn activity points and tipster coins?

- Play demo slot machines regularly in the casino club, submit a free tip every day in the tip competition, comment under the matches, spin the daily wheel, complete missions, and invite your friends to the site.

How to make money with TipsterClash?

- Join the 24/7 deposit raffle (free), spin the daily wheel (free), participate in our giveaways (free / deposit required), join our competitions (free / deposit required). You can also be a part of our affiliate program to make even more money.

How to withdraw money from TipsterClash?

- You can withdraw the money you made as a casino/sportsbook deposit from the shop or in the affiliate program. You must register with one of our partner sites using our affiliate link to be eligible.

When will I receive my shop redemption?

- We send out deposits every Friday.

When will I receive my affiliate withdrawal?

- Payments are made between the 20th and 25th of each month. If you request payment after the 19th, you will receive it between the 20th and 25th of the following month. We recommend you make your withdrawal request before the 19th.