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He is also known as th3k1ngl2p or Wotlkmonster. He is the first private tipster on our website and has already established himself as an expert on other national and international websites. He has 10 years of professional experience and is undoubtedly one of the top tipsters in the world, despite his riotous attitude. He has statistics going back years that proves his accomplishments.

30 days access to x6tence's high stakes tips.

30 days access to x6tence's high stakes tips.
Overall statistics
75% Winrate
75% Bets
75% Won
75% Sub count
What can you expect if you buy this service?
Around 20-30% ROI in the long term. Around 60-100 units of profits per month. Around 1-3 single tips per day, 50-80 per month. Average odds: 1.80 - 2.00 Average stake per bet: 8/10 (max. 8% of bankroll) Telegram notifications are always on time. PRE, LIVE and PRE-LIVE tips also published on ONE Telegram channel. Email guide and personal help from the tipster. Bankroll management. In case of a closed month without profit, the next month is free. (It is understood as a time interval of 30 days starting from the payment, and we guarantee at least 40 units of profit for the relevant month)