Lunubet tournament
Lununbet race
Do you feel lucky? Join Lunubet's 10,000 USDT tournament, where your only job is to win big! The top 10 people on the leaderboard will be rewarded with deposits from Lunubet and Tippsterclash. You don't have to do anything, just make sure you used our reflink for registration, deposit a minimum amount of 25 € and start playing right away!
Live rankings
We will have 10 winners in this tournament, and prizes are the following:

1. place: 3,000 USDT
2. place: 2,000 USDT
3. place: 1,500 USDT
4. place: 1,000 USDT
5. place: 500 USDT
6 - 10. places 400 USDT

The prizes will be sent as deposits, via the Tipsterclash team, with the base wager requirement, and no special restrictions.
The winners will be based on the highest multipliers achieved throughout the competition. Bonus buys and spins count the same way. If you hit your highest multiplier win, go to the tournament's page and upload a photo of the win with an attached email address alongside it! Do not consider cheating! All prize winning places will be doublechecked to make sure the player is eligible.
Royal nyeremények
End of tournament: