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We give an average of €40,000 per month in rewards to our members. Besides the fun community, we offer exceptional professional sports betting tips through our unique system and dedicated tipsters. We also provide a variety of exclusive sports betting and casino bonuses. Through our site, you can join several casino tournaments and giveaways to win big. Click HERE if you're here only for the casino and sports betting bonuses. If you want to know more about TipsterClash, scroll down!

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5,000 € competition for tipsters every month

Do you feel at home in professional league football? Football is the most popular, but also the most difficult sport when it comes to sports betting. Even within this, the professional league is a big challenge with the impossible odds. But who wouldn't want to know the results of the day's most significant sport events? Vote for matches for free, and if your predictions are correct enough, you can claim your deserved spot on the leaderboard. The best tipsters share a monthly reward of 2,500 € and anyone can earn up to 250 € a day with our missions! That's right, free money, and the postman didn't even have to be summoned! Click on the betting competition button to cast your vote and check who is eligible for the reward on the leaderboard. The sports betting tips generated from the community's votes have an incredibly high hit rate, and you can choose from the best tipsters on the leaderboard. Put together a great tip mix section for yourself and get excited in front of the TV with us! You can complete tasks for extra money if you click on the Missions button.

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Spin the TipsterClash wheel for free every day and win up to USDT 20 immediately withdrawable sports betting / casino balance!
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Along with our missions and betting competition, an open affiliate program offers great chances for all users to make money. Plus, you can participate in raffles and giveaways on a weekly basis.

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35,000 €
We contract the best tipsters in the world!

Hundreds of units of profit every month without a break for years! We are waiting for the expert players with professional sports betting tips and one of the best tipsters in the world! Unlike betting competitions, these are unbounded tips. Therefore, groups can receive any number of tips for any sport at any time.

Premium tips

It's not the usual bullshit category and it's not the fake "make millions from $1" type of offer. Our tipster can be verified for years, he has placed on the podium in national and international competitions. He worked for 6 years out of his 10-year career as a contracted tipster for the largest hungarian websites. He will spend the next 2 years certainly with us. He's also known as th3k1ngl2p or Wotlkmonster, but most people's jaws drop when I say he's x6tence! Betting on sports with him is an unforgettable experience, and whoever starts can never stop with. Get ready for restrictions and bans, because offices can't stand him. Sports betting is not a sprint, but a marathon, yet we provide a profit guarantee every month!

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We have no secrets. In our groups, there is an open discussion between hundreds of members! Feel free to ask your questions or contact our Facebook customer service for further assistance.

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We offer a profit guarantee for several of our packages, which does not mean that you get a free membership in the case of a loss-making month, because there is no loss-making month here. If you do not earn AT LEAST 30-40 units with us, your next month is free. 🤑 We keep all statistics accurate from the beginning, and you can discuss our effectiveness with 1,000 members within an open forum. If we weren't the best, it would be evident quickly! 💣

Hand in hand with technologie

We help you with sports betting using innovative technologies! Everyone's imagination is stirred by an automated solution for sports betting that generates profit on the long term, without exception. We are constantly working to make this happen. Although we do not believe in fully automated solutions, we are expanding the list of the few companies (and even leading) that use hybrid technology. We use intelligent weighting systems and robots to get the most out of our tipsters. Check out the tips from our tip competition or our robots selecting from the leaderboard. Remember, we are starting from a disadvantage here, because these tipmix tips are limited to professional league football, and within that, an average of 5-6 events submitted for voting per day, on which we must bet. That's why it's important to learn to choose from the tips! This constraint is a disadvantage for us, but an advantage for our visitors, because they get tips on all important events.

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In a unique way, our visitors can earn real money by playing demos on our site. Earn activity points in the casino club, exchange them for casino balance or scratch off tickets in the store, and then claim payment on the affiliate site.
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